Sunday, August 30, 2009

EDM #137 - Draw Something From a First Aid Kit

This week we had to draw things from a first aid kit. These are three items from my Hawaii First Aid Kit.

I take Bandaids, because I'm always cutting something, or stepping on something, or getting a blister.

And I take Bonine tablets for sea sickness. I used to think I had great "sea legs" but learned a very hard lesson about that one day!

And the tube of After Sun Gel was a freebie from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. I picked up several tubes. It's great for sunburn.

I also take along drops to get water out of my ears and hydrocortizone cream. But I couldn't fit them into the drawing. ALOHA!


CreativeKristi said...

Great composition and fun drawing style. The list really adds that little something extra.

nanke's stuff said...

Very nice - the drawing is delightful, and the list gives it balance. Well done! nancy

caseytoussaint said...

Well done!