Monday, March 10, 2008

EDM Challenge #160 - Draw a Trophy or Award

For this drawing we had to go into the Way Back Machine Sparky! Back to 1972 to be exact. The challenge was to draw an award or trophy, and the last award I remember getting was when I was in high school. So I went looking through my old scrapbooks. Have any of you done that lately? It's a trip!

It was interesting to re-meet that girl who was madly in love with a boy named John, who belonged to 4-H and won a purple ribbon at the county fair in South Dakota.
I sewed a brown pantsuit, which you can see in this newspaper photo
(back when I weighed about 120 pounds). The boyfriend clipped it out of the paper and sent it to me with a sweet note.

The event was called "Dress Revue" and we had to sew our own outfits and model them for the judges. We were judged on both our sewing skills and our presentation skills. I went on to the State Fair and can't remember what I earned there....not another purple ribbon I know!

Ah nostalgia.......

Emma Pod

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

EDM Challenge #159 - Draw a Favorite Cooking Tool

The challenge a week or so ago was to draw a favorite cooking tool. I'm not much of a cook. And I don't have alot of tools other than the basics. No fancy gadgets hang out in my kitchen.

I dug out an old, old favorite item. It's a steel, side-crank flour sifter. It's got the turning metal spirals inside and a screen mesh on the bottom. It works great!

About once a year I use it to sift flour for cookies or cake or something.