Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roadside Attractions in Crescent, Oregon

Last weekend we took a loop through Central Oregon. We went camping at Diamond Lake, which is south/central, just north of Crater Lake. And then we drove north on Highway 97 to Sunriver. On the way we passed through the small town of Crescent, Oregon.

I'm a big fan of Roadside Attractions (some of the best are in my home state of South Dakota) and I like to take pictures of them whenever I can. Here on the main street of Crescent were four great examples!

At the Woodsman Country Lodge we found this Lumberjack atop their sign. It's quite clever because both sides have the exact same face, so travelers from either direction see the same view.

Next door is Ken's Sporting Goods and Liquor Store (because of course, booze, guns and recreational items go together). There's a large carved grizzly bear on the roof.

And it looks like Big Foot is holding up the north end of the porch.

On the next block is the Crescent RV Park.
It's graced with a very nice bronze/metal elk on some rocks.

Later I'll post some other photos of our short trip.



Megha Chhatbar said...

Nice concept of road side attraction. I never notice them. Very good!
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Angela said...

I saw a cow the other day I gotta take a picture of.. I LOVE the big foot!!

Arty Velarde said...

OOPS it's not angela it's me LYDIA that wrote the above comment.

vickylw said...

There's so much I missed when we lived in Oregon a short time years ago. But I remember the freshness and beauty! Thanks for posting these.