Monday, September 07, 2009

Hawaiian Flower Painting in Progress

I ended up changing the background color to better go with the wall color, which is a "cork" color.

Here's my almost finished Red Ginger painting. Since the last picture, I worked on the flower, reworked some of the leaves, and put a few more colors on the leaf edges. I'm close to being done.

The background color looks better in person.  I'm not so sure I like the flower petals - they look too sculpted.

I started making the background Naples Yellow.  But changed it to go better with a cork colored wall paint.

Here are some earlier versions and close ups:

Almost done, before I changed the background color and added some accent colors.

Later version, adding colors and definition

1st Block-in sketch


The Old Bag said...

Very cool! it's fun to see the progression.

It all makes me want to revisit my paints and pencils...took a drawing class one summer too many years ago and it took that to make me sit in one place for a few hours and concentrate. I don't do that on my own. I miss it!

Leigh said...

This is beautiful..thanks for sharing the progress...

Anonymous said...

do you know of a book on how to paint Hawaiian flowers in watercolor?