Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EDM Challenge # 166: Draw a Fish

This is my drawing for the EDM Challenge #166: Draw a Fish. It's a White Spotted Pufferfish, my favorite fish to watch..

We see them when we snorkel in Hawaii. They look almost like a dog or a seal - they're very curious and slow and cute.  They follow you along as you snorkel, watch you with their eyes and flutter their little yellow fins.They come in a number of colors, but my favorites are the taupe with white spots.

We're going to the Big Island in one week, so will get to see them again!

I used wikipedia for a source picture. Here's the link and pic:

Monday, March 10, 2008

EDM Challenge #160 - Draw a Trophy or Award

For this drawing we had to go into the Way Back Machine Sparky! Back to 1972 to be exact. The challenge was to draw an award or trophy, and the last award I remember getting was when I was in high school. So I went looking through my old scrapbooks. Have any of you done that lately? It's a trip!

It was interesting to re-meet that girl who was madly in love with a boy named John, who belonged to 4-H and won a purple ribbon at the county fair in South Dakota.
I sewed a brown pantsuit, which you can see in this newspaper photo
(back when I weighed about 120 pounds). The boyfriend clipped it out of the paper and sent it to me with a sweet note.

The event was called "Dress Revue" and we had to sew our own outfits and model them for the judges. We were judged on both our sewing skills and our presentation skills. I went on to the State Fair and can't remember what I earned there....not another purple ribbon I know!

Ah nostalgia.......

Emma Pod

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

EDM Challenge #159 - Draw a Favorite Cooking Tool

The challenge a week or so ago was to draw a favorite cooking tool. I'm not much of a cook. And I don't have alot of tools other than the basics. No fancy gadgets hang out in my kitchen.

I dug out an old, old favorite item. It's a steel, side-crank flour sifter. It's got the turning metal spirals inside and a screen mesh on the bottom. It works great!

About once a year I use it to sift flour for cookies or cake or something.

Friday, February 22, 2008

EDM Challenge #158: Draw a Kernel of Popped Popcorn

The EDM Challenge for the past week was to draw a kernel of popped popcorn. Instead of popping my own, I searched for some photos of popcorn kernels and it's amazing how many varieties there are! And I recognized some as the "most common" shapes.

Anyway, here' s my ear of corn, an unpopped kernel, and a popped kernel. As I was drawing, I discovered that some of the different sections reminded me of teeth - specifically molars. Have you ever noticed that?


Sunday, February 17, 2008

EDM Challenge #157: Draw a Towel

Here are some dishtowels for the EDM Challenge #157 . I believe my sister, The Old Bag, gave all of these to me for various Christmases and Birthdays. It's the only way I get pretty towels!

Me (left) and The Old Bag (right)

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Dog Jack

I took this photo of my dog Jack right after I got a new digital camera for Christmas. I think this is a really cute shot. He's a Sheltie and he's 10 years old.

Jack is a barkaholic. He loves to sneak food. He has a great internal clock. He knows if a squirrel is near just by sniffing the air. He's got one really good leg left. He herds the cats.

He's adorable!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

EDM # 155 - Draw Something with Steps

Here is my drawing for the EDM Challenge #155: Draw Something with Steps. These are the steps that go from our dining room to the upstairs. I'm not terribly pleased with this, but I don't want to do it over. It looks a bit muddy to me and I had trouble getting the shadows and depth right.

The hanging rug is the one I bought in Mexico at Playa del Carmen.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lemon Imposters.....#154 EDM Challenge

The #154 EDM Challenge is to Draw a Lemon. I went looking through my fridge and found a bottle of reconstituted lemon juice. I found a bottle of Key Lime juice. I found several oranges in the fruit drawer. I found lemon tea bags in the cupboard.

So, I drew a lemon substitute: a citrus fruit and a lemon tea bag. Close enough. Hey, I did go to the store to purchase sponges for the sponge challenge!

Because of general busyness elsewhere, I haven't taken time for art and blogging. I'm getting out of practice with my drawing, so plan to do it more often. And I've missed seeing what everyone else is doing with their art work!

Emma Pod

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

EDM Challenge #149: Draw a Broom

Here's my broom for the EDM Challenge #149. It's an old push broom that we use on the back patio and in the garage. I had a hard time getting a crisp photo - everything looks a bit blurry. But I got tired of trying, so here it is!

It's also a bit out of proportion, with the broom part being larger than the stick part, but the stick wasn't very interesting to draw. We'll just pretend it's farther away and there is perspective.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Emma Pod