Tuesday, February 27, 2007

EDM Challenge #108: Draw a Light Bulb

I was pawing through my hardware basket, looking for an interesting-looking light bulb. It's amazing how many different kinds of light bulbs one needs to have these days.

I have several of the regular lamp-type bulbs. Then I have larger floodlight bulbs for the kitchen ceiling, and smaller floodlight bulbs for the fixture in the stairwell hall. Two other fixtures require the fluorescent kind of bulbs. The bathrooms need globe bulbs in a lower wattage.

The bulb I decided to draw is a halogen spotlight bulb. It fits only one fixture in our house, which is located on a very high ceiling over a small recessed area that holds a painting. It's a heavy (and expensive) little bugger! Luckily we don't have to change it very often.

By the way, we had SNOW this morning, which was a great affront to everyone at work. It was not nice snow either, but the wet, sloppy, slushy, half-rain kind of snow. I guess the midwest had much worse over the weekend. We are ready for spring!


Sunday, February 25, 2007

EDM Challenge #107: Newspaper , and Surfboards

 The Everyday Matters Challenge #107 was to draw how we get our news. We have The Oregonian delivered daily and it is dropped on our driveway. It's not a very good paper, but it's the only real option in town.

This second drawing/painting I did this week is from a photo I took of rental surfboards in Hawaii last year. It was a very shady spot and I was trying to show the shade without losing the color of the boards. I LOVE the colors of Hawaii - especially the water.

Here in Portland we've had rain, gray skies, and cold. Blech!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

EDM Challenge #106: Draw Something Sour or Tart

Last week's challenge from Everyday Matters was to draw something sour or tart. There were alot of really good things posted from various folks: lemons, limes, sweet tarts, grapefruit....

I drew one of my favorite sour/tart things, a margarita!! Back in a former life, right out of college, I was a bartender for a restaurant called "The Depot" in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The building had once been an old train station downtown and was converted into a great restaurant and bar. We made the very best blended margarita's - a perfect combination of sweet and sour (and salt!). This is my watercolor and ink drawing.

We also made wonderful ice cream drinks. It's amazing what one can do with a blender!

Do you ever have stress dreams? Back then, when I felt stressed, I would dream that I was making a drink and I put all of the right ingredients into the blender cup. No matter how careful I was, it would come out like pink Play-Doh.

I just did a search and found out that Play-Doh was originally invented in 1955/56 as a wallpaper cleaner. Weird, huh?


When I was a waitress, my stress dream was that I stood in the middle of the crowded dining room, with my tray. And I was naked (of course). Now my stress dreams are about packing. I can never fit everything into the boxes and am never ready to go when the moving van comes. Not hard to figure that one out....

Well, it's after midnight here, so I better go get packing!!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Airport Sketches

We went to Las Vegas for a Moody Blues concert, which was really great! I didn't get any good photos of the band because our seats were too far away. : ( I did get a few pics of hotels and such.

Here are a few sketches I did of fellow travelers in the Portland and Las Vegas airports. This is my first time drawing people just using pens (no pencil or eraser safety net).


An earlier drawing from McDonalds:

EDM #105 Draw Scissors

OK, better late than........here are my scissors. I sketched them really quickly in my moleskin at work using markers from my desk drawer - not a great selection! It was the day before we left for Las Vegas, so I was finishing tasks.