Saturday, November 10, 2007

EDM Challenge #144 Draw Something Square

Here's my drawing for something square......OK, something square"ish". It's a new tote bag I got earlier this month. Tomorrow's my birthday and I bought this for an early present. The flash made it a bit paler than the drawing really is. One can never have too many bags.

Emma Pod

Monday, November 05, 2007

EDM #142 Draw Something Hot

The EDM Challenge #142 is to draw something hot. So, I decided to combine two of my favorite hot things: coffee and Hawaii.

It's been gray, foggy, and cold here in Portland, Oregon. It's no accident that folks in the Northwest are coffee addicts....we use it to self-medicate when the sun disappears for months at a time and the rain soaks through everything. And now that we had to change our clocks back, it gets dark sooooo early.

So, I turn to coffee and memories of Hawaii! This is one of my favorite mugs from Maui. It's tall and narrow.

When I use it, I think about having breakfast out on the lanai,

looking at the ocean.....

and the palm trees

and the clear blue sky

and the flowers

Emma Pod