Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ray at 8 months old, A Graduate!

Ray Playing with Classmate in Puppy School

Here are my most recent pictures of Ray. They were taken on September 8, 2010.

You can see that his hair is almost grown out, he has alot of fringe around his face, his nose has grown longer. He's about 17 pounds. I'm not sure how tall he is now...I'll have to measure him again

He finished Puppy School and has learned: sit, shake, down, heel, leave it, watch me, walk on a leash. He doesn't DO them all the time but he's getting better, and he's gained alot of confidence!

Ray the Graduate

Ray at Dogpark - 7 1/2 months old

Here's Ray on August 29, 2010. I took him to the dog park and got a few shots. He's about 7 1/2 months here and is really getting his longer, adult coat. He's also got a really great tail!

I also took some pictures of his dog park friends. We go to a great park that has one area for big/active dogs and another area for shy/timid dogs. Ray goes the shy/timid area and plays with the other smaller, quieter dogs. Many of them are the little white foo-foo types (Malteses, Bichons, and many poodle mixes), which are pretty scrappy. I'm thinking of painting some of the dogs as my art projects for fall.

Ray on July 6, 2010 - 6 Months Old - in Sunriver

Here are pictures of Ray from July 6, 2010. He was almost 6 months old. Ray was born on January 13, 2010.

This was his first trip to Sunriver, in central Oregon. He loved playing in the tall grass and meeting neighbor dogs. He traveled in the car pretty well, but still got sick a few times.

We spent a whole week there, so he had time to adjust and did really well on his first trip!

Ray on June 27, 2010 - 5 1/2 months old - at Local Park

These are a few pictures of our new puppy Ray from June 27, 2010.

He was about 5 1/2 months old at this time, weighed about 13 pounds. Still soft and fluffy