Sunday, August 23, 2009

EDM #237: Draw What's Under Your Bed

EDM #237 is to draw what's under your bed. Under my bed is where I store boxes of old photos, old cassette tapes, and other items that I periodically pull out to examine. It's also Emu's favorite hiding place.

She goes there when I vacuum, when the dog barks at her, when strangers come to visit, when it thunders, and whenever she hears the dreaded cat carrier.

She has such acute sensitivity to the cat carrier that I have to remove it from the closet and open it's creaky door several days in advance of her vet appointment. Then she forgets that it's out and I can ambush her.

Emu is our 12 year old tortoiseshell cat. Here's a photo of her on top of the bed. She was the baby of the pet group for a long time, but through attrition, she's become the matriarch. She used to be a submissive creature, but now she hisses, eats first, swats the other cat and generally plays the Kitty Diva whenever possible. She's a tiny thing but has a big personality.


nanke's stuff said...

It's a great peek under your bed, and I love the hand holding up the spread. Well done. Your cat is quite the queen - I miss our cats very much. nancy

Anonymous said...

I love the way you presented this! Your ambush technique sounds perfect!...winna

Art is for the Making said...

The hand pulling up the linen is a fun way to sneak a peek under your bed. Great idea! Nice drawing.

Your cat is beautiful. I had a tortoise shell cat who I loved so much. She was elegant and mild. Now I have two orange cats who are loud and wild. :)

Great job with your drawing!

Anonymous said...

It is funny I had a similar idea for this challenge, I think that cats do love to be under beds. Very nice drawing and idea.

Peachtreeart said...

She's adorable, crabby like I am I guess. I like how you've set up the scene.

Lynn said...

What a great drawing! My kitty diva runs under the bed whenever the doorbell rings.