Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You Are There....Almost

Hey Sparky! Well, in about a week I will not be here. I will be there. Where is there? "There" is the Hapuna Beach Prince Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii!!!

Entrance road off the lava fields

Palms in front of Resort
View of hotel from beach side
Hapuna Resort Pool
Photo of Hapuna Prince and beach

Hapuna Beach!
Another view of Hapuna Beach!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Doggie Acupuncture

Our dog Jack is having acupuncture treatments. Last spring he was running through a field out at Champoeg Park and stumbled. He came up limping, but we figured he'd be fine in a week or so. He's done it before and always recovered from a twist or sprain.

This time he didn't get better. We've taken him to three vets - one a surgical specialist. He's had x-rays and poking and prodding, all to no avail. He still limps, bows his front leg out, and walks on the side of his paw. The best they can say is that he most likely has a soft tissue injury in a tendon or ligament.

He's had three acupuncture treatments so far and seems to be feeling better. He's also getting an injection and taking three medications. He's been a good sport about the needles and electrodes, but it freaked him out at first. Shelties are hyper by nature and sitting still is not a strong point for them. He gets hooked up and has to lie quietly for 20 minutes. It takes alot of treats and happy talk, but I think he likes it. The vet says that the needles release endorphins and ease the pain in his back and leg. Jack is more lively and stands better. We are hoping for the best!


Mary Poppins Sing-A-Long

Another birthday outing was a Mary Poppins sing-a-long movie with my neighbor. The Cinema 21 Theater shows old musicals and makes a party of it! The words to songs are shown on screen. Costume prizes are awarded. The audience is encouraged to shout out remarks. It's a tame version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show dress up show.

We got participation bags with little drink umbrellas (to open when Mary floats down out of the sky), a flavored sugar stick (to eat with "A Spoonful of Sugar", foil-wrapped, chocolate coins (for "Tuppence a Bag"), a firecracker/popper (when the Admiral shoots off the cannon atop his house), kazoos (for something), and I can't remember the rest.

The costumes people wore were inventive. There were lots of nannies, chimney sweeps, kids, and suffregettes. The best prize went to a mother/daughter combo who were a box of sugar and a bottle of medicine. The mom wore a big square of white quilted material in the shape of a sugar box. The daughter wore a long, red, straight piece of fabric around her body,with shoulder straps and red sweater - a tall white cap. They carried a huge tin-foil wrapped spoon.

It was great fun!


November Birthday

This month I turned 52, not a particularly notable age. I did get two very nice presents from my husband for the occasion however:

Present #1 - an iPod Shuffle. This is a nifty little music player that clips on. It's like a piece of jewelry almost. It holds 250 songs and the sound is REALLY GOOD. I've been taking a circuit weight training class after work and I like to have my own music to listen to. I'd been using an old Sony Walkman all these years and still have alot of old disco and party-music tapes. After ruining a number of tape players by dropping them in the toilet and such, this is a welcome alternative. It's easy to add songs from my own CD's and the iTunes store has tons of songs for $.99 each.

Present #2 - tickets to an Anne Murray concert. We like to go to concerts for our birthdays and this year Anne Murray was in town. She still has a very beautiful voice and it was fun to hear all of her old hits. The crowd was full of grey-hairs though! After we had already purchased tickets, we found out that Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac was also doing a concert in town. I would like to see him too. One of Rick's younger co-workers said that Anne Murray is the "female equivalent of Barry Manilow"! I guess she was calling us OLD. He was also in Portland recently and I've always liked him! I remember my college roommate gave me one of his albums and I played it all the time. Last year we saw The Moody Blues, who were GREAT. Ah nostalgia.....