Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greek Bistro Kitty

This was the last painting I made for my Spring class. I finished it in June. It's from the Greek Bistro in Kihei on Maui. The restaurant is in a garden-like setting, just off the beach. Several cats hang out in the urns that surround the outdoor patio and this is a painting of one of them. I used a photo from several years ago for this painting, 11x14" in acrylic.

When we were in Maui this year, there were a couple of new kitties at the Bistro. Below is a picture of two of them. I think the one on the left is the same one as in my painting! He looks like Barney, my sister's (The Old Bag) dearly departed cat.

As The Old Bag says...

Orange Kitties
Are the Best!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dakota Cousins

Here's my most recent painting. It's from an old photo of my husband and his three cousins when they were teenagers. I thought it was kind of cute and dweeby (is that a word??). The photo is an old Poloroid from 1969 or 70. The painting is 16" x 20" in acrylic. I haven't painted many people and find faces and heads to be a real challenge.

Here are a couple of detail shots: