Sunday, April 19, 2009

Winos, Dingbats & Riff Raff

This was my last painting from Winter term. I used a photo from The Oregonian newspaper and tweaked it a bit. It's 18" x 24" in acrylic.

I ended up darkening the lettering on the building front after I took this photo of the painting, but otherwise it looks the same. This place is called the Historic Barge Inn Tavern located in Newport, Oregon, an Oregon coastal town.

This website has a nice article on Newport and this tavern:

I haven't actually been to the Barge Inn, but I intend to of these days.


Alex said...

Awesome painting and very similar to the original picture too!
:) I love the classic car like A LOT!

Anonymous said...

Great work. Your use of complimentary colors makes this come alive. Love the structure too!

Shirley said...

Welcome back to EDM. this is a lovely painting - I'm so glad that you shared it.

Dan Philo said...

Is this piece for sale? I'm interested in buying it.

Anonymous said...

Nice painting! i actully work here at the barge inn and that is my boss's car in the painting. I was interviewed by the woman whom did the artical on the building. Cant wait to show my boss, he is gonna love it!