Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Playa del Carmen Trip, December 2007

We recently returned from a week in Playa del Carmen, on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. We stayed at the Secrets Capri Resort, which is about five miles north of Playa (and about 25 miles south of Cancun). The hotel is away from the bustle and noise of the city and was very relaxing.

Here are a couple of shots from the hotel, pool, bar and beach. The ocean waves were high, so our beach was closed for a few days. There were storms farther east and we got some wind, rain and churned up water. The pool was OK, but we had hoped for that clear, turquoise Caribbean Sea to swim in.



Below is 5th Avenue, a marketplace in Playa del Carmen. There lots of activity and things were alot more expensive than I thought they'd be! You can't take five steps without someone crying, "Amiga! Amiga! Lady! Come look!!!"

On the left below is a Mayan bench on Mamitas Beach in Playa del Carmen. We wish we would have discovered this beach sooner because the water was beautiful! I didn't take a shot of the beach, but here's a beach pic I borrowed from Karen's Public Gallery found on Picasa Web Albums.


One day we took a snorkel trip from Aqua World in Cancun - we used Jet Skis to get to the reef. The snorkeling was not great because of the high waves and murky water, but at least we got into the water! Because of the choppy waves, it was hard to keep the jet ski level. One couple capsized and we almost did when our front end went under a wave.

Here are shots of ruins at Tulum:

Even though the weather was not the best, we had a nice time! The hotel was great! We relaxed! We got some sun and shopping! The people were friendly! The food was great! And we weren't at work! What's not to love?

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Serena said...

OH, I'm so jealous!!! Beautiful pics, Mary....glad to hear you had a nice relaxing time. :)