Sunday, December 30, 2007

Playa del Carmen Art

I didn't do any drawing while we were in Mexico (see 12/16 post). I just didn't feel like it. I did alot of reading and swimming in the pool. Out on the hotel pool courtyard, there were two artisan carts. One was a woman who created beautiful wool rugs and table runners. She had her loom set up and worked on pieces right there. We looked through a big stack of rugs that she made and I fell in love with this one. I bought it to hang in our stairwell.

I love the fish and the bright colors. It's very heavy and tightly woven - and is made from the wool of Mexican sheep! I sewed a rod pocket on the back and hung it with a curtain rod and cord.

The second artist created pottery. His cart was filled with ceramic bisqueware and he drew Mexican designs on the pieces (or you could get a blank one to create your own design). He had umbrella tables set up with paints and brushes. We painted the background colors (two coats) and he did the distinctive embellishments and flourishes. The pieces were glazed and fired overnight, ready to pick up at 10 AM the next day! It was a great way to spend two afternoons.

I painted this platter and a blue bird/flower vase.


While painting I met some interesting folks: A woman from Canada whose friend won a free trip to Mexico and invited her along. A newlywed from Ireland who was there on her honeymoon. A couple from Wisconsin who are planning to start a winery on their farm. Two young women from Japan.

So, even though I didn't draw, I did do some art!

Emma Pod


Brenda Y said...

Sounds like a FANTASTICALLY relaxing kind of vacation in a GORGEOUS locale!! What fun to design and paint your own pottery -- those pieces plus the hand loomed run/wall hanging are the perfect souvenirs. Welcome home!!

Serena said...

Those pottery pieces are gorgeous! I love the bright, cheerful colours. LOVE the rug too!