Friday, March 30, 2007

News Flash: Rogue Squirrel Nabbed!

Our campus has had a number of squirrel emergencies over the past year or so. Because of frequent feeding by humans, the animals have become bold and brazen!! They enter buildings, demand lunch from picnickers, charge at passers-by, and terrorize staff and students alike. This particular interloper has met it's match:
"Thanks to John Gwaltney Beaumont, the squirrel residing in the Sylvania Print Center, CC 113 press room is CAPTURED! The squirrel will participate in the PCC catch and release program. Thank you everyone for your concern, advice, suggestions, and moral support during our squirrel crisis, and a special thanks to John!" (source: college email)
Luckily, we have enough talented folks around here to outsmart the little tyrants....

If you've ever worked at a college or university, you know that educated folks can get overwrought by most anything. Last year there was a whole email exchange about the "squirrel problem" - folks were actually advocating capture of the worst offenders, a squirrel relocation program, and maybe even (gasp!) humanely disposing of the furry offenders. The debate raged for awhile and then something else came along to capture people's attention. Ever since, when an absurd topic/situation comes up, it becomes known as the latest "Squirrel Crisis". It's actually quite hilarious and has given some of us a good laugh.



Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for the kind link. I have recently mentioned Kitty Wallis and Marla Baggetta from Portland on my blog.
Do you like your Site Meter? I just started it, but am less than impressed, so far.
Squirrels will be squirrels!

jill said...

lucky you! the problem in the university building where i teach is random invasions of bats! the dean freaks when she walks into her office and finds a bat flying around, sents out threatening emails to everyone in the building about keeping doors/windows shut, and threatens to quit. your squirrel crisis sounds quite like our bat episodes!

funny the world of education, huh?

platitudinal said...

“Rogue Squirrel Nabbed!”  I love the title. It’s catchier than any title of rogue series romance books! And that squirrel certainly surpasses any of those hero scoundrels. Thank you for this post; it is certainly a giggle inducer!