Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Funny Pets

When I came home from work tonight, I found this string in the animals' water dish. This is one of Emu's favorite toys. It's the waist string from an old skirt that she drags around the house and I find it everywhere.

She has a funny habit of dropping her favorite things into the water dish. I find little toy mice or bottle caps or Q-tips in the water. For awhile, she would steal my makeup brushes every day and I'd find them in the water dish. Maybe she's part raccoon???

Then tonight I found Jack under this pile of pillows on the sofa. I'm not sure how he got under them, but I do know he did it all by himself. I was doing exercises in the living room and he and I were the only ones there.  I guess he likes to burrow.  He was so cute I had to take a photo.


Brenda Y said...

Ha ha! Aren't pets funny!! I can't imagine how boring my house would be without the antics of the furry members of the family. Btw, thanks for commenting on my blog.

Karen said...

I've never heard of that kind of cat behavior. How funny!

aPugsLife-laserone said...

Pets are such a joy. Our one cat (or the one we have left after our loss of Sasha) does that. She'll drag hubby's PJ pants around by the string then put the string in her water bowl. Then that will suck all the water out of the bowl and into the pants. We'll come home and find an empty bowl and a wet pair of pants, string string still laid across the bowl. :)