Friday, January 26, 2007

Three Older Drawings

African Spoonbill drawing, in pastels
I thought I'd post three older drawings I did while taking a class awhile back.

The first, left, is an African Spoonbill bird done in pastels. I found a photo in a lovely book on African animals.

Made up Insect in charcoal
The second, right, is a make-believe insect I made for a drawing class. We had to combine parts of three different insects to make one new insect.

This one has a grasshopper head and forelegs, a spotted larva torso, and a scorpion's tail. We also had to name the bug and identify the various parts. This is the "Spotted Leaf Cutter" in charcoal.

The third, below, is another bird....I can't remember what type, but some kind of stork or crane

Bird sketch in pastels


Teri C said...

Holu smokes! Both of these are beauties!! That spoonbill needs to be framed and the pencil work on that insect is gorgeous!! Wowee, am I glad you showed these.

Emma Pod said...

Thanks Teri....very nice of you! These were both fun to do and I find it easier to work with pastel and charcoal than paint. At least, for now. Thanks for your encouragement!

Karen said...

Both are wonderful - the imaginary insect is beautifully done and so inventive.

Renate said...

Wow! The Spotted Leaf Cutter is gorgeous! What an interesting idea.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

I love the made-up insect. It's fab!