Sunday, January 28, 2007

EDM #44 - Draw an Animal

For EDM Challenge #44 I made a dog portrait. The original black and white dog photo is in a terrific dog book called:

by Roy Jr Blount, Valerie Shaff

The book is full of dog pictures and writings about them.

I also added another dog drawing I did in charcoal.


Snakebite said...

Nice puppy! Do you do bikes? Show me. You do art, I have bare walls - see where this is going?

Deborah said...

Great dog...I like the colors you used but really like the way you made the eyes so real. He has great personality.

gabi campanario said...

i'm not a dog person myself, but i love this. the blue tones make him look so reflective, like deep in thought. very well done

Emma Pod said...

Thanks snakebite, deborah and gabi - I appreciate your comments! As far as drawing bikes....hmmm....I haven't drawn one yet, but it could happen.