Friday, September 09, 2011

I'm Ticked OFF!!

I have totally screwed up my blog!!!  I tried a feature in Picasa to transfer/migrate my photos from one email account to another.  I thought it would be great to consolidate my photos. Then I was weeding out some of the photos from an album - not realizing that I was totally DELETING them!  Of course, I now realize it's my fault for not reading the fine print.

The Picasa site says that the blog will be able to link to the new location - IF you link both email addresses as authors to your blog.  I'm using an old Yahoo account for this blog, and when I attempt to add my gmail account, it tells me I can't (because both are connected via Google and only one Google account can be used for sign in purposes).

I was able to add both email accounts as "authors" as the instructions told me to do, but the system still wouldn't access photos from the second (new) account as the instructions said it would.  And OF COURSE, once photos are transferred to a new account, Picasa says they can't be transferred back!!!!  What the hell???

I was able to restore my photos from the recycle bin, but that doesn't put them back on Picasa, which holds the blog photos.  And even though I've reloaded a number of photos to Picasa and the web album that Blogger uses, the blog is still not picking them up from either Picasa account.

If I had a Hammer.....

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