Saturday, July 23, 2011

Maupin Whitewater Institute Sketches, July 2011

This week I attended the Whitewater Institute in Maupin, Oregon.  It's a four-day training program on community college outcomes and assessments.  Maupin is east of Mt. Hood and is in the high desert area of Oregon.  Each day we had class and then took a raft trip on the Deschutes River.  Our raft team was GREAT, even though we had a few mishaps along the way - poor Katy got bounced out of the boat twice and I whacked her on the head with my oar once.  Also, Tracy did a somersault off the front end into the river.

Bridge over the Deschutes River near Maupin

Rafts tied to the Imperial Hotel dock

Beavertail Overview

Blue Heron on River

More Beavertail Hills

Yellow Headed Blackbird

River Rocks Picked Up Along the Deschutes
Words of Wisdom from Yvonne, on Supervision Issues

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