Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yellow Headed Blackbird

Here's the other painting I've been working on in class this fall. I've always wanted a painting of a Yellow-Headed Blackbird.

When we were kids we spent summers at Lake Poinsett in South Dakota. The Yellow Headed Blackbirds hung out in the swamps near the lake. Grandma always looked for them when she came to stay with us.

So, here's my version. I think it's almost done, but will have to see when I go to class on Tuesday. This painting is 12x16 in acrylic. It started out with a very pale background, which was too pasty looking. I changed it to pond colors.


The Old Bag said...

Love this! And, the grandma story takes me back -- I remember her looking for them and pointing them out. Can you email me a hi-res photo?

Emma Pod said...

Hi Old Bag....I'm going to see if I can get a better photo with more true colors. Then I'll send you a pic. When I took this one it was kind of dark and I used the photo brightening tool, which didn't get the colors quite right.