Sunday, April 15, 2007

Miniskirt Memories

Here's a little sketch I drew whilst at the coffee shop yesterday afternoon. This couple was sitting at a table outside and I could see them through the window. The young woman was facing the window, but perhaps forgot that people inside could see her quite clearly!

It reminded me of being a teenager. I'm 52 years old now, and when I was in 8th grade, miniskirts were brand new. We all wore our skirts at least 5 inches above our knees, which caused problems for our parents and school personnel. I remember one English teacher asked the boys to leave the room and lectured us girls about how to sit in our desks and admonished us to keep our knees together!!!

Then when we were sophomores, our Algebra teacher, Mr. French, liked to look up our skirts when we sat in his class. He was a creepy guy, to say the least!

This "view" reminded me of that English teacher and her lecture. She was right, it's not a real attractive look! At work I see so many students who are always tugging their pants up or pulling their skirts down

Emma Pod


aPugsLife-laserone said...

OMG hahahahah!!!!!!!

platitudinal said...

Oh my word, Emma! Hehehe. That girl could have been me! I don’t always remember to sit with my knees together. But, I think this sketch will remind me for sure!

*Eeeewww, how awful to have a lecherous teacher like Mr. French!

mARTa said...

LOL, this lady grew up in mini skirts as well....and I still keep my knees together!!!! I love this!

Brenda Y said...

LOLOL!! Oh yes, the memories of those and you won't believe this, but I, too, am 52 and ALSO had a teacher in the 8th grade that did the exact same thing!!! Mrs. Heberle not only talked to us, but placed her chair at the front of the room facing us and demonstrated how we turned and how we should turn. I never forgot that lesson and still sit with knees tightly closed even in pants - ha ha.
Great job on the sketch!!

Africantapestry said...

This one made me laugh...yes I also remember those years. My mom also said to keep your knees togehter, and then she added..."and put your hand in between your knees just to make sure!"
Great really got those knees there!

Snakebite said...

Why, Emma. Porn? Way to go!!!

phthaloblu said...

ROFLMAO! OMG! Too funny. Yes, my mother gave me the lecture when I first started wearing miniskirts. Nice job on the sketch!

martín said...

hahahaha, great sketch and very funny, too. I think girls (still) receive the same education almost everywhere. I heard a mother say to her little daugther sometime ago on the train station something like "don't show the mechandise if you're not going to sell". It sounded so rude directed to a little child, but at the same time it was funny how this woman said it. Great job Emma.

Serena said...

OH, this is funny!!! LOL Good sketch too ~ :)