Sunday, November 26, 2006

November Birthday

This month I turned 52, not a particularly notable age. I did get two very nice presents from my husband for the occasion however:

Present #1 - an iPod Shuffle. This is a nifty little music player that clips on. It's like a piece of jewelry almost. It holds 250 songs and the sound is REALLY GOOD. I've been taking a circuit weight training class after work and I like to have my own music to listen to. I'd been using an old Sony Walkman all these years and still have alot of old disco and party-music tapes. After ruining a number of tape players by dropping them in the toilet and such, this is a welcome alternative. It's easy to add songs from my own CD's and the iTunes store has tons of songs for $.99 each.

Present #2 - tickets to an Anne Murray concert. We like to go to concerts for our birthdays and this year Anne Murray was in town. She still has a very beautiful voice and it was fun to hear all of her old hits. The crowd was full of grey-hairs though! After we had already purchased tickets, we found out that Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac was also doing a concert in town. I would like to see him too. One of Rick's younger co-workers said that Anne Murray is the "female equivalent of Barry Manilow"! I guess she was calling us OLD. He was also in Portland recently and I've always liked him! I remember my college roommate gave me one of his albums and I played it all the time. Last year we saw The Moody Blues, who were GREAT. Ah nostalgia.....


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