Sunday, July 30, 2006

How Do You Know Stuff Like This?

My neighbor asked, "so how do you know stuff like this?" I guess it must be the "Bill" factor.

Neighbor and his wife were washing their car with a very sad sprayer attachment. It was leaking as much water out of the connection between the hose and the attachment as it was spraying out the end. He was going to buy a new sprayer head. I asked if he had any plumber's tape. He didn't know what that is.

I went looking for ours, but couldn't find it. So, I took a plastic bag and some scissors out to the hose, cut off a long strip of plastic, wrapped the end of the hose with the strip of plastic, screwed the sprayer back on, and...VOILA!!! more leaks! It was as good as a magic trick. My good deed for the day.

thanks Bill,


Anonymous said...

Who's Bill?

Emma Pod said...

Hey Sparky, see my next post and you'll find out. Thanks for the idea.